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Firmware Upgrade

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Do your find your MS6 lacking in its MIDI implementation, or do you want to expand its sonic capabilities further? Then you want my new firmware!


The new MS6 firmware I'm currently offering, version 1.3, based on the V9.0 Cheetah ROM, has the following extra features:

  • MIDI bank select (CC #0), globally and per-part.
  • Program change per-part.
  • Remote control of all tone edit parameters using CC messages, both in tone and performance mode.
  • No more partial drop-outs at bottom C (130.8Hz).
  • Three more DCO shape settings, both for DCO A and B: off, pulse + triangle and pulse + sawtooth. The new pulse shapes can use PWM as well.
  • Extended SysEx support: single patch and edit buffer dumps + requests, full dump and status requests.
  • Mono mode, per-part, with a choice of always retriggering the envelopes or to not retrigger when playing legato (i.e. pressing a new key before releasing the current one).
  • Portamento, per-part, constant-time (0.015 - 18.3 s) or constant-rate (400 - 0.44 semitones/s). Full-time or fingered (i.e., only in mono mode when playing legato).
  • Support for bank 7 tones in performances.

For more details, check out the Readme file, or listen to this short demo song!:

A couple of real-world testimonies:


"Just dropping you a mail to say thanks for the os upgrade - it's been working great and the MS6 is now getting used on most of my tracks again!"

Paul Janes (Infinite Loops Ltd), UK


"I've now installed (easy peasy) and had chance to play with the new EPROM for the MS6. Brilliant! This is going to make a massive difference to the way I use the MS6."

Andy Slater, UK


For ordering, go directly to the Web Shop! - Page updated September 12, 2005