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These are some links to sites which may be of particular interest to MS6 users, and also some which cover synthesizers in general. If you know a site that you think should be here, mail me at!

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Sound on Sound Cheetah MS6 articleThis is the online version of the Cheetah MS6 article (by David Harman) that appeared in the April 2001 issue of Sound on Sound.
Cheetah MS6 DIYNote September 5, 2005: Link broken, will put contents on the site instead. This is a very nice Cheetah MS6 do-it-yourself page that describes in detail how to replace a faulty voice chip!
The MS6 pageA very interesting page about modifying the MS6 firmware and hardware, by Ricard Wolf. One of very few pages dedicated to the MS6!
Synthesis TechnologyQuite interesting site about analog synthesizers. They used to have CEM3396 voice chips for sale, but it seems like they are out of stock now.
Harmony CentralThis is one of the best (and largest) sites about music making on the net. Contains a large database on synthesizers, with users' opinions.
Synth ZoneContains lots of links to web resources for a large number of synthesizer models.
Synth SiteThis site concentrates on featured reviews, and also has a section with users' comments.
Music MachinesIt might feel a bit unorganized at times, but there is a lot of information here. Covers most synthesizer manufacturers.
LDTI, inc.Makers of EPROM emulators/programmers etc. Very good value for money!
BlueBear Audio TechnologyContains info and opinion on a bunch of synthesizers, including the MS6. This is the origin of the PDF version of the manual which can be found on the downloads page.
Vintage Synth Explorer A quite large site with info on lots of older (and also newer, despite the name) synthesizer models.
Mac MusicWell, not that closely related to the MS6 (except that they link to this site of course), but I have had a number of questions regarding Mac software earlier, so now you know where to look!
Vintage Planet This is a good place to look for spare parts and manuals for older synthesizers (like the MS6).
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