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If you're looking for information on the Cheetah MS6 synthesizer module, then you've come to the right place!
Here you'll find specs, hints and tips, and patches for the MS6.

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Fixed the broken links - many thanks to Charles A. Vallena at Guitar Junky for the feedback. The web shop is still up and running and all items are available.

2016-02-03 Sorry for the lack of updates... Yes, I'm still around and all the items are still available!

The new pricing for narrow-body CEM3396 chips is now in effect.

2010-01-07 Sourcing narrow-body CEM3396's is getting increasingly difficult. Unfortunately this means that I have to raise the price on these parts. Beginning Monday January 11, the price will be the same as for the wide-body chips (€16 EUR or $24 USD per chip).

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a batch of wide-body CEM3396 chips that are used in the Matrix 6 and 6R among other synths! These are now available for order in the web shop!

2009-10-25 The long-sought MS6 schematics are now finally available on the downloads page!

Adjusted the USD prices, according to the current exchange rates.

2006-11-19 Added replacement RAM backup batteries to the offered web shop items.

If you need more than a few CEM3396 chips, I now offer 6 pieces for the price of 5!

2005-09-12 OK, the new web shop is up. I now use PayPal for processing all payments (you can still pay using credit/debit cards). Check it out!

By popular request, payments through PayPal will be supported shortly directly on the site. In the meantime, e-mail me if you would like to place an order and pay using PayPal.

2005-01-24 Added Vintage Planet to the links page, and put some more sales flyers on the downloads page.

I was mistakenly calling the MS6 a hybrid synthesizer on the specs page, now corrected (thanks go to Abbe for pointing it out).

2004-05-20 Removed the bulletin board from the menu, since I have been unable to get it to work. Will add it back when it's ready..
2004-05-20 The site is up again , after another period of downtime. Should be a lot more stable now, since it's running on a brand new server. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Merry Christmas! Added a scanned flyer to the Downloads page. New testimony has been added to the Firmware Upgrade page.

2003-11-07 Added a new image to the Picture Gallery page, showing the different designs of the front panel.

Web site is now up again, has been offline for some time due to serious hardware problems - sorry about that! The bulletin board is still broken, will try to fix it ASAP.

2003-02-04 A slightly updated version of MS6ed is "in the works". Will support the new features of the v1.3 firmware, as well as "vanilla" machines. Stay tuned!

Hello everybody! It's been a while, sorry about that!

2002-03-25 I've now come across a limited number of Curtis CEM3396 voice chips that I'm offering for sale! More info can be found on the firmware upgrade page!

Unfortunately, it seems like Synthesis Technology no longer sells CEM3396 chips, so I've updated the info on the links page. I am currently looking for other sources.

2002-02-20 Now you'll find separate tone edit mixer maps for v1.2 and v1.3 on the downloads page.

The new v1.3 is released! For more information, see the firmware upgrade page!

2002-02-10 As a teaser for the upcoming v1.3 firmware, I've added a demo clip to the sound gallery page.

I've now also put in mono mode and done some further refinement to the portamento implementation. As usual, see the development page.

2002-01-25 Portamento done! Quite probably the last feature to be included in the upcoming v1.3.

Started implementing portamento. See the development page.

2002-01-20 Finished implementing the "bottom-range" fix, see the development page.

Finally, you can now place orders online and pay using a credit card! Other methods of payment are also available - see the firmware upgrade page for details!

2002-01-14 Implemented some new DCO shape settings, see the development page.

Put two new Cubase mixermaps on the downloads page - one is another installment for tone edit parameter control, and the other one is for controlling cutoff and resonance separately for all channels.

2002-01-10 Implemented support for updating just the edit buffers via SysEx - check out the development page.

Happy new year! And not just that - I've actually made quite some progress on the patched firmware during the holidays, so expect a new version to be available quite soon! Check out the development page for more information.

2001-11-23 Put some new info on the development page.

Added a link to the on-line version of the article in Sound On Sound.

2001-06-16 Fixed the MS6 mixermap download, it was broken due to a stupid capitalization mismatch.

Added a link to an MS6 do-it-yourself page, describing how to replace a faulty voice chip.

2001-05-16 Removed the link to the edit parameters page, since it's no longer there.

Added a Cubase mixermap for real-time editing to the downloads page (for machines with upgraded firmware).

2001-03-27 Check out the cool MS6 article in the April issue of the Sound On Sound magazine, !

Added some more info on the firmware upgrade page - a link to the Readme file among other things.

2001-01-08 Added a new "filter sweep" feature on the wish list for MS6/NG, see the development page.

Happy new year! Real shame I missed this last time... Anyway, now there's a completely new page containing some hardware troubleshooting info.

2000-12-19 Finished implementing full MIDI control of all tone edit parameters, details on the development and firmware upgrade pages.

Made some changes to the development section, adding and rearranging some items and deleting the sustain pedal patch item because I discovered that it is already fixed in v90 of the original firmware.

2000-11-29 Added some new links.

Added two scanned articles to the downloads page.

2000-11-14 Yes, I'm still alive... Anyway, the downloads section now contains a letter from Cheetah describing how to reduce the MS6 mains hum!

Added visual overview of the edit parameters to the downloads page.

2000-03-08 Whew! Five months since last update! Sorry about that... I'm working for a new employer now, and the move has taken a lot of my time.

Added link to the BlueBear Audio Technology.

1999-10-08 Added PDF version of manual to the downloads page.

Made the menu look slightly better. Still not perfect though...

1999-08-31 Added information on ordering the firmware upgrade.

Added three more pictures to the picture gallery.

1999-08-30 The web's first Cheetah MS6 specific bulletin board is up!

Started using frames to make navigation easier. Sorry about the ugly menu. Also sorry to those of you not using frames-capable browsers, I'll try to fix it soon.

1999-06-24 I have now got a new (patched) EPROM programmed, and it works perfectly. It includes the first two planned fixes, see the MS6/NG page.

Added portamento to the MS6/NG wish list.

1999-06-12 Updated the MS6/NG page to reflect the progress.

Updated the ROM disassembly on the Downloads page.

1999-06-11 Rearranged the layout on the MS6/NG page, to make it clear that there are actually two distinct (but related) projects. Also added an item to the "fix" list.

Added the nice Cheetah logo to this page.

1999-06-10 Two items on the MS6/NG list are now fixed, the current problem is somehow getting an EPROM programmed.

Added a page on MS6/NG, my plans for a new MS6 firmware.

1999-05-29 I've finally received my EPROM emulator! Also, added link to LDTI, the company that sells it.

Due to problems with the Internet connection where I work, the site didn't get updated updated until today.

1999-05-12 Weird Stuff page added, for revealing undocumented features of the MS6 firmware.

Original ROM patches and ROM disassembly added to the Downloads page.

1999-04-18 Added link to Synthesis Technology, nice for ordering replacement chips for the MS6!

Hints & Tips page added.

1999-04-16 Chris Reed's page of MS6 Edit Parameters added to the Links page.

Sound Gallery page added.

1999-04-14 Picture Gallery page added. With pictures! :)

Instrument definition file for Cakewalk added to the downloads page.

1999-04-09 Links page added.

Specs page added.

1999-04-08 A bundle of patches added to the downloads page.

MS6ed v0.1, an early but working version of my patch editor, added to the downloads page.


Electronic copy of user's manual added to the downloads page.

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