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My collection of pictures of the MS6, most of which I've taken myself in my home studio. If you copy any of these images (I won't mind probably), please let me know.

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In this picture, you can see the front panel as well as hint some of the parameter descriptions on the top.

ms6_back_small.gif (3255 bytes) A picture of the back of the MS6.
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This is a slightly deformed picture of the front panel.

ms6_front_side_small.gif (6588 bytes) Front side view, with power turned on.
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The voltage rating and serial number on the back, some fish-eye effect here as well unfortunately.

ms6_top_small.gif (7880 bytes) A quite blurry picture of the parameter descriptions on the top.
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A picture donated by Colin Fraser, showing two different designs of the front panel.

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