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For those of you struggling to get your sick MS6 back to life again, here are some things worth checking on when troubleshooting the machine.

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Chassis carrying voltage

One common fault is chassis not being properly grounded, or in fact carrying a positive voltage, which will cause major problems when you mount the unit in a rack together with other equipment (and is also pretty bad safety-wise).

Live fuse to battery terminal short

If you have a short between the battery terminal and the live fuse, you will surely have problems getting the MS6 to power up at all.

Windings in the transformer gone short

If some windings in the transformer has gone short, then the voltage will not be correct, which is not very healty neither for the circuitry nor you.

Battery acid leaks

Watch out for this one - try to change your battery in time, because it's pretty hard to clean the circuit board from battery acid.

Depleted battery

Will cause the machine to lose its memory or otherwise behave odd. Order a replacement battery from RS Components, stock no. 422-393.

Partially erased EPROM

This will obviously make your machine very confused. If you need a ROM image to re-program the EPROM, mail me. Or buy my firmware upgrade while you're at it... :)

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