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This is my collection of files for the Cheetah MS6. If you have produced anything which may be of interest to other users, feel free to mail me at - you will be given proper credit.

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~1.9 MB

By "popular request" (and thanks to Ricard Wanderlof) here are finally the official MS6 schematics!

~9 kB
Here is a Cubase mixermap that will give you real-time control of tone edit parameters from within Cubase, provided you have installed at least version 1.2 of the firmware upgrade! Thanks to Pete Jones ( for the contribution!
~4 kB

This is another mixermap for controlling the tone edit parameters in Cubase, put together by yours truly. Contains controls for all 59 parameters, and the ranges are verified to be correct - so it may be slightly more complete than Pete's version, though perhaps not as stylish.

~4 kB

The same as above, except that here the DCO A and B shape settings can go from 0 to 6, to support the new shapes avalable in the v1.3 firmware.

~1 kB

This mixer map contains only controls for filter cutoff frequency and resonance - one for the basic receive channel and then six extra for the individual parts in performance mode. You will need at least v1.2 to have any use of this and v1.3 to be able to control tone edit parameters in performance mode.

~466 kB

This is a scanned copy of an article on the MS6. Kindly supplied by the author, Andy Honeybone (

~341 kB

This is a scanned copy of an article on creating an X-oR profile for the MS6. Kindly supplied by the author, Andy Honeybone (

~353 kB

This is a scanned copy of a letter from Cheetah describing how to get eliminate some (or all?) of the mains hum noise on the MS6. My humble gratitude goes to Andy Honeybone ( for sending it in!
~1 kB

This is a visual representation of the edit parameters, layed-out like the controls for a vintage analog synthesizer. Thanks to Paul Nicholls ( for the contribution!
~88 kB

For the curious, here is a disassembly of the MS6 ROM, produced with DASMx v1.21 (unofficial release).

~1 kB

This is a Cakewalk instrument definition file for the MS6, kindly provided by Mark Worsdall (e-mail:
~49 kB

These are the ROM patches of the MS6, in the form of 320 .syx files. This is useful if you like a ROM patch and want to examine/tweak it in MS6ed.
~6 kB
This is a bundle of my favourite patches for the MS6. They are all made with MS6ed (below). Consult the "readme.txt" file!
~1.6 MB

Here is MS6ed v0.1 - my patch-editor for the MS6. Runs on Win95 and maybe on WinNT (not tested). Consult the "readme.txt" file, or at least save patch 6.11 someplace else, before trying out the editor! Feedback is welcome at

~58 kB

For those of you who have lost your manual, here is an electronic copy (thanks to! Note that in this copy I have corrected two errors in the original Tone SysEx section: Originally, bytes 30 and 31 were reversed. Also, all byte numbers after 86 were off by one.

~763 kB

This is a PDF version of the manual, courtesy of, which has some minor errors due to the OCR process. Also, the SysEx section is not corrected as in the text version above.

~622 kB

A scanned sales flyer, donated by Paul Janes.
~2.2 MB

Another sales flyer, courtesy of Senso from Vintage Planet.

~1.5 MB
Another sales flyer, courtesy of Senso from Vintage Planet.
~2.0 MB

Another sales flyer, courtesy of Senso from Vintage Planet.

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