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Here are some specs and subjective opinion on the Cheetah MS6. If you have any comments, please mail me at

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Description Synthesizer module.
Synthesis type

Subtractive DCO (i.e., digitally controlled analog oscillators, analog filters).

Polyphony 6 voices.

6 parts, static allocation.

Number of patches

Tones: 320 in ROM (5 banks), 96 user alterable (1 banks).
Performances (multitimbral): 64 user alterable (1 bank).


There are two, DCO A and B. Waveforms: square (with PWM), saw, triangle for DCO A and B, noise for DCO B only. Pulse width modulation for square waves, controlled by either a dedicated LFO or an envelope. DCO A can be synced to DCO B.

Envelopes There are two. Env. 1 is always tied to the output volume, but env. 2 can be freely used for e.g. filter cutoff, PWM, pitch.
Realtime control Quite flexible. Some modulations are "hard-wired", though.
MIDI implementation

Basically OK, except for the lack of a MIDI bank switching mechanism. SysEx support is confined to sending and receiving whole banks of tones/performances.

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Sound Fat, clean, sharp. In short: excellent! Some of the string pads are incredible - check out 1.21 and 1.33 and you'll understand what I mean.
Ease of use

If you're only going to use factory sounds, it's quite OK (if you've got the manual handy for figuring out the different sound categories). For making your own sounds, it's pretty bad without an editor. The inability to switch banks via MIDI is a serious design error in my opinion. You can get around it by always using performances (bank 8), but that limits you to 64 patches. Also, you can put the MS6 in any bank and use patch numbers >64 to access the patches in the next bank.

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