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Weird Stuff

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This is a list of some peculiar "features" of the Cheetah MS6 firmware. If you have spotted any odd behavior not listed here, mail  me at!

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Sustain pedal bug (V7.0 ROM) While holding down the sustain pedal, press and release some keys. If you now press and hold the same keys while releasing the sustain pedal, the notes get cut off. This bug makes piano-playing using the sustain pedal pretty useless on the MS6.
Envelope slow-down (V7.0 ROM)

If you are in bank 1-7 and press some keys (preferably at least 6 different ones to make sure all voices are affected) below the lowest accepted key (C0), no sound will be heard. However, the envelopes for the allocated voices will be slowed down, which can be heard if you then play some keys within the accepted range.

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